Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recap of the First Meeting

A small but enthusiastic gathering at our first meeting.  Recognizing that the inclusion of curricular instrumental and vocal music programs from elementary through 12th grade benefit Nova's long-term viability as a college prep academy in the classical tradition
1) Incorporating as a 501 (c ) (3)  so that we can be on solid footing to conduct fundraising activities for the music program.

2) Adequate Rehearsal & Performance Space. - ongoing need and difficulty.  Work with faculty and administration for short term solutions as we urge priority for long term planning - If new building projects are in the works, music must be a priority.
Ideas floated around cooperation with local institutions, Shalom Home for instance.  Difficulty in lugging band and orchestra instruments.

3) Designated Music period during the day (traditional approach) - Enables students across grade levels to participate in music programs: this will build the programs - This will not negatively impact other classes, those students not involved with choir, band and/or orchestra will simply take another section of a class or study hall. - Furthermore it will enable those students who participate in music to engage in after school athletics, forensics, and other extra-curriculars.

4) Bringing Cost of programs down.  Currently Band and Orchestra and paid for by the parents, nearing $800 per student/per year.  Instruments are an additional cost. -
According the March 2014 Board Packet, the YTD - Feb expense to Nova for the band program (currently listed as Extracurricular), was $2,636.00
-- In context, the total regular instruction expenses were listed at $271,583.00 -
In comparison the curricular instruction for French and Japanese, Nova has payed O'Neill Language Arts is $69,264.00    The highest combined percentage of the total expenses pertain to the trips to DC, Chicago, NYC (Mock Trial, Model U.N.)

If we can manage to reduce the expense of band and orchestra, more students will be apt to join, thus bringing the expenses down further.
Thats all for now.

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